I made it from an art enthusiast to a guitarist, an artist, a thrill seeker and a designer that is passionate about drawing ever since the age of 8 right after losing an artist mother, Hanan Khoury Abou Zeid in the year 1994...

How I started

It was the year 1994, my mother died and back then it was meaningless, I mean somehow, maybe that was normal for an 8 year old kid… As if nothing is about to change and that things are going to stay the same. However, I started sneaking into her room in those summer afternoons and look through her stuff, and I was particularly looking for her sketch books. As if something guided me there…


After numerous sneaking & running around hiding the fact that I was looking through her stuff, I came clean, I told my older sister! I said, I want to draw, can I draw? I want to take my mother’s books… They are hers and she’s my mother too! Surely, my sister said yes for sure… After getting those books, I felt like nothing can stop me, it was then that I learned that love can be there for something, for an idea… When I grew a bit older, I learned that the expression of love towards an idea or a vision/preview in one’s head & heart is called passion.


I kept gazing and practicing and feeling those drawings as If they had something to say for me, like each drawing or painting had her own conversation with me in my head! It was magical!

But she had her Micheal Angelo books, those thick ones that show maybe all of his work, and I thought to myself, why am I afraid of sculpting. Let me try that too…

Then, after a few years, I started creating those paintings that I started to keep, which whenever I’m done with one, I feel like throwing an old friend away, or as if I’m ditching something very dear to my heart. It’s hard. However, I started exploring the world of music especially after taking her Tchaikovsky cassettes and playing them repeatedly… in the 90s we had cassettes. So I got a guitar in 1999 and started learning to play. & here I am now Thank God for everything no matter how hard it was, remember, by his grace we are all saved!

Jad Khoury's statement

Thriving in making soul enriching fine art


my Timeline


Death of an artist mother

It felt completely normal, as if I was somehow immune? maybe God had a different plan... Maybe it was just the beginning, God Knows best!




I was so curious, and had a rush whenever I sneaked inside her room to look at what I call now, her art & inspiration kit.



Practice makes perfect

So I kept practicing, had bad school grades somehow, like zero attention to what was going on in class, totally distracted, just always sketching on my books, on the table, wherever I can. On the walls, I remember making my father re-paint my room 3 times, once for pencil art that looked awful (it did to me) another after a secret graffiti attempt. It wasn't that secret, the whole house smelled... The third time, I found it, Pencil & Gouache mural in my room... Looked good enough to stay for a year or two.



First Guitar

Wouhouw! It was great, felt awesome, like I'm liberated, I can express more about how I feel, I can create more...



A sculptor I might say?

I never kept a sculpture, they were either broken or lost... But my aunt kept me this one. I guess I'm not allowed to take it back, I mean morally now it's not nice to ask for it, but I'm eager now to get my hands on a beautiful block of clay...



Concerts at bars & restaurants

I mean, those were my teenage years, lots of arguing with my family & had owned 8 different guitars back then, drew almost everyone at my class & was able to fall in love everyday with something new... They were thrilling.




so I got employed, kept the same lifestyle, only upgraded to a financially independent person...



Mastered in Art School

So I graduated from University mastered in Graphic design & Advertising after 5 years of study



The Truth

I started reading the bible right after knowing that it had a title called, ``the book of Life``, I started wondering will it teach people how to live? Well it Does, with all my respect to your God & your religion no matter where You are in the world, I have found mine, Jesus is my God, & I wish You all the best with Your God as well...



Founder of 26 Branding Agency

So I started by the grace of the lord, I mean it's not mine, owned by God. 26 Branding Agency, we do brand personality & communication for brands.



first Guitar Album

Finished my first guitar album available in the music section for you to purchase & support my journey.



Enlisted on Saatchi Art

It was nice, I mean seeing those paintings online & listed for everyone around the world...



The Jewel

if I may live more, I pray I live with God's content about where I am in the now.
However, this is for my daughter Agatha-Maria Khoury. I love You Dad, if You happen to grow up when I'm not there, be so sure that God is always there!


therefore the brand name

Online Art Gallery 1994 playfair black from online art gallery - Jad Khoury Art