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Hi, I'm Jad

Today I’m offering You our online Art Gallery Jad Khoury Art, where You can buy Art prints & originals online, shop from the Contemporary Abstract – Expressionist brand gallery, buy Apparel with a twist, and listen to my own music creations.

I now have more than 27 years in the Drawing & Artistic expressions field, 23 Years in the Music industry & 15 years of experience in the corporate creative field.

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Thank God for Everything & I wish You All the best.

Jad Khoury

Mastered in Graphic Arts & Advertising with emphasis on
Consumer Psychology Studies in 2007.
Certified International academic credentials.
Key Expert in European Union in Online Visibility.
Key Expert in European Union in Brand Development.

Created in 2016

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PAUSE - Art Prints

It’s good to pause every once and a while, but not stop!
If you’re doing what you love, and doing something good, I’m not saying that subjective “good for me” with all respect, rather something that is morally acceptable and good enough to be called good or not bad, then you can pause sometimes, but not stop!

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Created in 2016

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Reasons… The reason why we stop & zap out sometimes, why do we always wana know why? Is knowledge sacred? yes it is! But there is a deeper knowledge, that is that, God knows why and that’s good enough… So let’s move on.

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Buy Art Online from Jad Khoury Art

Guitar Recordings and

Music Making

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paintings, Apparel & music with a-lot to say

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Jesus… Who else is out there for us to take the harshness and the stains of everyday life. It’s him the one and only who went all the way till the end to save us!
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blue & white

Blue vs white, colors of life, well, when lips are blue it’s one of the signs of a fading human being… Rest assured, just as you see this woman opening her eyes and fully alive. Our Lord will never leave us in vein! Art Print available online


Reasons… The reason why we stop & zap out sometimes, why do we always wana know why? Is knowledge sacred? yes it is! But there is a deeper knowledge, that is that, God knows why and that’s good enough… So let’s move on!

martins boots

Shop These Art canvas boots that provide soft and comfortable wearing for men. They have a breathable foam insole to ensure anti-heat, anti-moisture and anti-corrosion conditions. Show a unique sense of style & Buy these Art boots online today!


Contempo, expresso, abstracto… The trendy cut with a ribbed neckline comes right out of fashion magazines while still keeping it casual.
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throw blanket

Do you feel that your home is missing an eye-catching, yet practical design element? Solve this problem with a soft silk touch throw blanket that’s ideal for lounging on the couch during chilly evenings.

press play below

Listen to one of Jad Khoury's Songs & shop Art prints on the go!

The message behind Dreamy Texture

Recorded & played by Jad Khoury, enjoy this melodic instrumental guitar play describing a storyteller, telling a story to someone he appreciates while they are both having a meaningful conversation…

This instrumental song named “Dreamy texture” after its echoing solo guitar music notes opens wide an imaginative scene between two people that are gathered together by goodwill.

The main track in this song was played after recording the backup tracks, the base, the chorus guitar, and the drums.

The melodic silky tune is truly dedicated to the celebration of peace between nations, regions, cities, and between individuals in society through having an open conversation with one another…

This track is one from a 7 tracks album named “Bye Bye”


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Jad Khoury, from an art enthusiast to a guitarist, an artist, a thrill seeker and a designer right after losing an artist mother in the year 1994...

Online Art Gallery 1994 playfair black from online art gallery - Jad Khoury Art

read the story to learn more about this slogan behind many items in this brand gallery. this inspiring number was a taboo for long until it no longer became one... 1994, A benchmark in this online art shop & brand gallery

a phoenix like inspiration portraying one of the most fascinating transformations a person can go through.

More about Jad Khoury

God is the ultimate creator, the guide, the compass, the beacon & the shining light...

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In Love with

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Wind in the Air

Where wind & air are two different ideas but usually leading to the same outcome, however, if you wana be genuine you will definitely know that wind is alot different than air…


El Silencio

Well, silence has a sound, it sounds sometimes warm sometimes cold… But it always, sounds real, as we emerge into the personal journey of finding the reality within when we are silent.

Here’s to reality, Here’s to silence. El Silencio…

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Thriving in making soul enriching fine art.

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